December 2016

WWN - SENIOR CHIEF EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/10/2016 Ginkgo B is a nootropic that has a nice memory boost and cognitive boost recommended been taking for year now purchase on amazon

WWN - SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA Huperzine A is a nootropic I have been reviewing for 3 years now it is a nice brain boost that shreds away any need or a red bull or a nasty 10 $ buck cup of syrup. Nice cognitive support

WWN - Senior Chief editor Christopher Vera Holloway vs Pettis Pettis has already missed weight but Holloway can still fight for the interim title fight prediction is Holloway takes the win. In the brown vs Cerrone I feel like Cerrone could

WWN - CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/8/2016 Brexit referendum Britain just wont accept what the people want and is holding off amazing imagine Trump winning then the dnc says "you can't do that we are gonna hold off", it's corrupt wrong and Britain