December 2016

WWN-SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/8/2016 War still rages on in Ukraine as Russia has control over Crimea and been that way for years now. Nato has now placed units along Ukraine's border, cease fire has been a joke.The

WWN-SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/8/2016 YOUTUBE HAS SENSORED PIZZA GATE. YOUTUBE is under fire from the community after it has decided to sensor pizza gate and any videos related to pizza gate after a gun man enters comet ping

WWN-SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/8/2016 Funny the way that the mainstream media, that you can just with ease find proof of fake news or propaganda is spewing along with facebook, twitter, and most social media sites want to sensor what they are calling ‘fake news’ on

WWN-SENIOR EDITOR CHRITOPHER VERA 12/8/2016 The IRS has been proven to of lost trillions in American money and fact they charge us to print or money brings to question if we even need the IRS. The military couldn’t account for 6.5 trillion dollars allocated

WWN-SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA Fukushima 12/8 /2016 Fukushima has been hit by another earthquake leaving the ice wall half defrosted and the plant back in disarray. Footage from Tepco after showed things on the slight up but not quite up but after this earthquake that hit