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SENIOR CHIEF EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA SECRET // REL US, UK Time on Smart TV TV Time Go to  Menu > System > Time > Clock to configure/view time displayed anywhere on TV Auto time pulls time based on timezone and DST Manual can be used to set

SENIOR CHIEF EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA Step-by-step guide Info For Operators: Nmap all TCP/UDP on WAN/LAN/WLAN Wireshark capture for all WAN services and WEB UI Wireshark capture of normal boot an WAN/LAN Any UPNP requested ports/forwards Info for VR: If serial, grab serial output of normal boot if console:

This page will walk you through building a build environment for a Linux machine. Specifically, this tutorial is focused on Ubuntu/Linux Mint. Specific Ubuntu Configuration Details The first step in setting up the development environment is making sure that you have a working Ubuntu machine. You can

SENIOR CHIEF EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA  Some of my content that I rewrote in my own words was too close for comfort with a great online school it is ok though sometimes it is better to lose a couple nights work over losing the entire kingdom

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