WWN - SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/12/2016 New York Post Hillary Clinton's

WWN-SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/8/2016 Trump has trolled the fake media.Trump has turned down Boeing Airforce one over 4 Billion dollar trade deal that has

WWN-SENIOR EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/8/2016 Funny the way that the mainstream media, that you can just with ease find proof of fake news or propaganda

THE GEORGE SOROS EMAILS WWN-Chief Editor- Christopher Vera 11/24/2016 IMAGES AND SOURCES DCLEAKS.COM George Soros WWN breakdown Hungarian-American Business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist, and author the

The Podesta Emails- Sources, images Wikipedia.org ,wikileaks.or, youtube.com- WWN-Chief Editor Christopher Vera. This is the worldwarsnews.com analysis of the Podesta Emails Wikipedia.org (John David Podesta

Bill Clinton had an affair with an African American women Bobbie Ann Williams and is in deep denial over the man who has

HILARY CLINTON EMAILS WWNSOURCE WIKILEAKS.ORG WWN CHIEF EDITOR Worldwarsnews.com Chief Editor Christopher Vera Hilary Clintons emails have been leaked which is nothing new but this this

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