Quantum Mechanics

WWN-SENIOR CHIEF EDITOR CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/11/2016 image source telenet

Quantum mechanics is the body of physical law developed by a single generation of physicists in the early 20th century, In order to have an accurate description of how particles behave in the microscopic realm. -source universe today – If you thought an atom looked like this you would be wrong. Electrons don’t orbit the nucleus,like planets zipping around the sun. It actually looks like this – quora – Now the laws of Quantum Physics come into the story, because you got electrons that are in the quantum clouds surronding the nucleus of the atoms that are making up that paricular object- Brian green Planck made a groundbreaking assumption that enery is not delivered in a continuous wave, but in packets or quanta and these quanta are uniquely and mathematically proportional to a given frequency. This means that certain frequencies and mathematically proportional to a given frequency.This means that certain frequencies only hold certain amounts of energy. – Erics Esoterics

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