Vegetarian for six months

WWN – CHRISTOPHER VERA 12/12/2016 source

I was vegetarian for six months because of the worms and maggots that come from the slow digestion of red meat or the already known to have worms fish almost every type of fish has worms so what do you do about this I got the answer don’t worry but first.
Let’s talk about what happens when you don’t eat meat for six months well first you do (NOT) loose weight like its going out of style actually if you do not do your research right your guilt trip vegan or vegetarian diet could lead to major health risks. lack of Vitamin b-12 which is linked to cognitive issues. No iron, meat eaters don’t have to worry about the lack of all b vitamins, iron, and protein your body runs great on farm raised beef. If we know Kobe beef is made when you pamper a cow why the hell are we not making every cow like this or any animal at that but on the cow imagine if we just showed more respect to the cow and got it like the Kobe system it would lower the price of Kobe beef and it and lead to better meat for all.
Vegetarian was great at first sprung out of bed and was feeling spiritually cognitive full until the six month mark but before then I did a liver cleanse which is highly recommended and just funneled everything out of my body. After months I felt diminished and depleted so I had to get my hands on meat so I ordered a turkey burger and a buffalo chicken wrap from the local bar and it was like a shot in the brain my brain turned on in so many ways in the back of my head I would feel the meat surging threw my body filling me with joy.

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