Caesar’s Palace


Caesar’s Palace is home to Omnia nightclub a Gordan Ramsay restaurant a beautiful forum shops with shows and great shops must go.

Another view of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas just after sunrise. The lights were still on, but already clear enough to see all the details.
ISO 100, 10mm, f9, (1/2, 1/8. 2.0) sec. I had to work hard to correct the perspective distortion. I think the fountain is still a bit slanted. While doing this, I had to clone the bottom of the image to fill in the blank space left over after the perspective correction. Only after I was almost done with the whole image did I notice the small cloning error. It as also difficult to deal with the sky because the Photomoatix settings I liked for the building created a horrible halo on the sky. Nik Viveza worked relatively well to fix it: I placed a control point high up in the sky and increased the brightness a lot. Did that with several control points along the top.

-Limousine Service in Glendale,wikimedia commons, go play vegas, caesars,

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