Danny Williams

Bill Clinton had an affair with an African American women Bobbie Ann Williams and is in deep denial over the man who has a shocking resemblance to Bill Clinton and claims to be his son 27 year old Danny Williams. Bill Clinton chooses to deny the fraternity test and denies the claims made by Danny, also Threats against Danny’s mother people reportedly coming looking for her because she was saying her son is Bill Clinton’s son. Danny Williams is from Arkansas grew up broke aunt worked two jobs to raise them everyone around Danny knew he was Bill Clintons son from preachers and all. Danny wants to meet his father he wants his story to get out on the Alex Jones show spilling out his heart over his father. Danny tells story of Danny and his aunt sneaking onto the government mansion confronting Bill and Hilary at the white house that lead to an all out chase and it is to be believed that Hilary is the one that keeps Danny away and wants to keep him secret, and refuses to allow the DNA test to happen this banishment is just down right disgusting that Bill and Hilary can use his high standings to avoid paying child support and oppressing young Danny with no aid. Bill claims he did a ‘DNA’, test yet nothing of the sort has been done! This is a direct lie. Danny’s mom has a metal plate in her leg from Danny saying that she was attacked because she was telling people that Danny was Bill Clintons son. Danny said she was thrown out a second story window. Violence always seems to follow the Clinton campaign. Alex Jones claims he had Danny’s aunt on the air and he was beat up a week later.

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