Funny the way that the mainstream media, that you can just with ease find proof of fake news or propaganda is spewing along with facebook, twitter, and most social media sites want to sensor what they are calling ‘fake news’ on the eve of what they are saying is the fault of Donald Trump winning the presidency also, Obama says it’s also the reason he thinks everyone thinks his presidency was so bad because of all the fake media going around so much like the old dictator to put the blame off on someone else and not taking responsibility for your own failed presidency. Multiple time liar to the public also totalitarianism can be used to describe his presidency along with the pyramid of criminals that follow his chain of command most of which had had to ether stand down or under fire from multiple chains of government under legal fire and ridicule for her mishandling of classified information and also lying to congress 5 times. Hillary after being issued a subpoena her legal team went threw and deleted thousands of emails to cover up her lies and deception. Later through it can be seen thousands of emails that were not turned into the FBI were posted for the world to see.

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