Trump only wants to take 1 $ for president

Donald J Trump after getting into office has said that he is only going to accept 1$ for his presidential salary, and the media is going crazy. In the beginning Donald Trump did not even want to take his salary at all at the very minimum he had to take 1 dollar. The media is mad mainly because Trump has been ignoring the media sneaking off and not telling some of his heads of staff that he is off to a steak dinner. The media claims it is a matter of national security to not tell them where Trump is going to be at all times. Nothing short but karma is to be seen Trump also called in the heads of staff of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Fox news, and NBC’s cable news arm. What has been called a firing squad. Mister Trump calling them all ‘liars’ and telling them the truth about how they have been bias toward Trump. fascism style media that was just propaganda clear as day. Trump told CNN president Jeff Zucker, that he ‘hates’ his network ( and told him he should be ‘ashamed’. Which is true because it has been nothing short of a propaganda machine this entire election. Weighed heavily toward Clinton. Kellyanne Conway organized the meeting was nice enough to say the meeting was very congenial, very productive, very cordial. Others in attendance Trumps son in law Jared Kushner and his chief strategist Stephen Bannon. Trump’s next meeting will be with the reporters from the New York Times, who have also been nothing short of a left democratic propaganda piece making Trump out to be this terrible person he is clearly not. Article Chief Editor Christopher Vera 11/23/2016

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