RhythmVizion Worlds Only Sound Activated Glasses

The future of L.E.D technology is here and with it Rhythm Vizion introduces the world’s first Sound Activated L.E.D Sunglasses! Their sleek, futuristic look and several different color choices make them ideal for raves, concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, parties and even the beach! Or when you are just chillin’ with your friends. No matter what the event or time of day, Rhythm Vizion has the perfect pair of sunglasses to make you the life of the party!
Get all your friends wearing them and synchronize for an effect that is unparalleled by any other LED sunglasses! With Rhythm Vizion Sound Activated Sunglasses, you and your friends will create an unforgettable experience and are sure to set the crowd on fire!


Micro-chip controlled (L)ight (E)mitting (D)iodes
Sound Activated LED LIGHT Sunglasses
Lights adjustable to blink, flash, and pulse in time to the beat of the music in the room, the sound of your voice, or any ohter sound.
On/Off switch with sensitivity control.
USB Rechargeable Battery
Available in five frame colors: Clear/Black, Clear/White, Blue, Green, Pink which come with clear or smoked lenses ADD which show up to three light combinations in the frame
.etc with up to 3 different colors in a single pair
Gen II with many new enhanced features
Individually packaged for retail
Suggested Retail for Distributors: Ask Us
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This is a “unique” product covered by US PatentNo. 8,514,097
We are so sure you’ll love our product that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!*

Product Description:

Rhythm Vizion Sound Activated Sunglasses are made with stylish composite frames imbedded with a custom LED wire-panel that is connected to our patented circuit board (US Patent # 8514097) and a tiny microphone to detect all sound frequencies. This allows the LEDs to rhythmically match the sound or noise that is around you. With 6 different sensitivity settings and a micro-USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a runtime of up to 72 hours, you will always be able to see the Rhythm around you! Just wait till you get a look at these sunglasses! We guarantee you’ll love them or we’ll buy them back!*

The sound activated lighting system of the glasses provides entertainment through visual effects that people may find pleasant and relaxing. The visual effects may also enhance enjoyment of music for anyone within viewing range of the glasses. In addition, the sound activated lighting may provide an exciting display for some people. For instance, at a concert or party with music, the lighting system may react to beats, rhythms, or other characteristics of the music.

At social events without such music, the lighting system may react to various sounds. For instance, the lighting system may react to noises, the sound of a conversation, and other audible events. People interacting with someone wearing the glasses can directly experience the entertaining effect of the lighting system.

For example, one or more lights of the glasses may illuminate based on vocalizations or other sounds a person is making during a conversation with the person wearing the glasses. Others also experience the entertaining effect of the lighting system. For example, one or more people wearing the glasses may be in another part of a room or other venue, but yet are in the field of view of other people.

Though these people may not be talking to or interacting directly with people wearing the glasses, the lights can be seen and, may add to the entertainment at a social event. A person wearing the glasses may receive a great deal of attention. This may be highly desirable. For example, the glasses may be a great conversation starter and attention getter at a social event.

The fact that the lighting system of the glasses reacts to sound near the wearer increases the interest others may have in the glasses. In addition, the activity to sound adds to the entertainment provided by the glasses. The glasses may be useful in everyday life as well. For example, the glasses may assist hearing-impaired or deaf people to detect sounds around them that they would otherwise be unaware of, especially during an emergency.

To illustrate, a deaf person would be able to detect their phone ringing, a car beeping the horn behind them, someone talking to them out of their sight, and the like. There are traditional glasses that light up or produce light output. However, traditional light-up glasses flash constantly with no intelligence. These traditional glasses don’t blink or operate their lights according to sound or any other input.

In contrast, the glasses herein improve upon traditional glasses by providing lights that react to sound levels captured through a microphone and converted on an integrated circuit (IC) chip. The chip may then send a signal to the lights to cause them to light up in synchronization with the sound.


Rhythm Vizion can also be used as a safety device. For example while you are riding your bicylce at night , listening to your music and a car suddenly beeps it’s car horn at you! mind you the car could be 100 feet or so away AND you cannot hear it obviously thru the headphones and it’s out of your peripheral vision. how are you going to know a car is beeping at you from the back with your headphones on and quickly move to safety? We thought about this safety hazard while designing our second generation and rest assured you can feel safe riding your bike at night now knowing you will be alerted by anything coming from behind you. The patented technology on the IC (integrated Circuit) can immediately detect the higher sound level of the car horn and alert you by sending a LED light signal thru the lens. Also you can adjust how far you want to be alerted of sounds around you using the Sound Sensitivity Controller to only pick up sounds from 3 feet up to 3 miles away ! And also please note that the lenses on the Sunglasses can be easily popped out and popped back in the frames.

* Money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

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