The CDC is corrupt and killing people for depopulation probably funded by the shadow government which has also been exposed. Depopulation is their goal sick assassins who thought they ran us, but on the contrary, we united are far stronger than them and got more facts to back it up. In fact, the mercury is shown to give 1 out of  2 people autism. It’s clear as day we are just Ginnie pigs to big pharma and the CDC thanks to Hilary Clinton the shadow government and the democratic party they were just like kids in a sandbox running wild. depopulating the world trying to make us sick and kill us with every single tax dollar we gave them. It’s like the elite turned into the joker and not batman. Apparently, at Podesta’s house, they would have hunger game style games making people run naked into the woods while they would chase them down and rape them. The elite from the shadow government thought they controlled the world and would just get away with all their crimes killing more people than any other evil person in history too long because of fake news they control they were allowed to just go on killing sprees. Why did this go on so long is because people are afraid to give their lives for anything anymore. The journalist of today became pussies and were prostitutes to the system while innocent people were being murdered if you ask me. Fake news media covered up murder so that makes them accomplices to murder so they were paid and that is a real crime so we should lock them up and slap felonies on them. FUCK THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Hundreds of people were slaughtered children and all. The rich fucked up our planet and held technology back. God saw it all so karma is a bitch. J. Casals, Rockefeller foundation has  the Zika virus then is spreads hmmm maybe that’s were it came from use your heads.


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