North Dakota

Nothing but sadness can be felt for these poor protesters mainly Native American. When on a hunt for information on google about North Dakota. It’s important to note that deadly force is being used by police. Protesters can be seen with the skin on their fingers and legs is completely peeled off and impaled.
It can also be seen protesters being shot in the head by rubber bullets in the head and big gashes can be seen in the head of protesters wounded by rubber bullets shot by police. 141 + people have been arrested but thousands reman and continue to show up to save the pipe line that they hold sacred because it is so close to the rivers that thousands of people get their drinking water from. The pipeline will transport hundreds of billions of dollars of oil for the company that is what leaves thousands in protest. Because it has happened in the past where the water gets flat out polluted because of a broken oil pipe that erodes over time and leads to a massive spill and poisoned water.
Sources, google, youtube highly recommended go to youtube to see the most graphic images

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