YOUTUBE is under fire from the community after it has decided to sensor pizza gate and any videos related to pizza gate after a gun man enters comet ping pong pizza in Washington DC one afternoon and scares everyone out of the restaurant to investigate the inside of comet ping pong. After he scoops the place out fires four shots into the ground and walks out the front door and surrenders. Which makes sense do to pizza gates growing popularity among the youtube community with heavy evidence of comet ping pong’s satanic pedophile sacrifice spirit cooking cross dressing with blood satanic rock bands come play and weird artist who favor pedophile style jokes. Comet ping pong owner’s Instagram account shows proof of disturbing child rape or sexual art post he like or posts to his account. Pizza gate is an entire network of moving parts not just comet pizza also besta pizza who has changes its logo do to it being the official pedophile symbol. Pizza gate or any topic should not be subject to ban or sensor on youtube because pizza gate also has videos of child satanic sacrifice and rape survivors who witnessed and sometimes made take part have video up depicting the horrible events that took place will those be subject to sensor and be removed when it is just trying to draw attention to real child rape pedophile ring that is really taking place, and why is youtube covering for this?

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