The New Dirty War for Africa’s uranium and mineral rights


Today, Friday 5 February at 08:30 CET, WikiLeaks releases a collection of documents that open up a corrupt multi-billion dollar war by Western and Chinese companies grab uranium and other mining rights in the Central African Republic (CAR) and escape paying for the environmental consequences. Among the hundreds of pages in this publication are detailed maps of mining rights, mining contracts with illegal kickbacks and secret investigative reports. The documents have been long sought by fraud investigators. In December 2015 a case was filed against Areva, alleging corruption related to the €1.8 billion purchase of three uranium mines in 2007.

Effective oversight process by the local authorities is subverted either by duping state officials with deceiving front companies, such as the UN registered World Sports Alliance (WSA), now recycled into a cover for mining companies, or by corrupting them through the payment of ‘cash bonuses’. After a profitable exploitation of resources, companies such as Areva – a French multinational group specialising in nuclear power – abandon the country, leaving behind nuclear contamination without having launched any of the promised investments. – WIKILEAKS.ORG THIS IS THE WORLD WARS NEWS COVERAGE
The most powerful nuclear company in the world, AREVA, abandoned its Central African Republic exploitation without having launched any of the promised investments after an enormous political and financial scandal, amidst a social and environmental crisis, with skyrocketing radioactivity levels (up to 30 times the natural radioactivity in the zone) and literally transporting its former employees back to their homes like cattle. The following documents show the constant disdain of the company towards Central African Republic institutions and its population, and the neocolonial conditions of exploitation of its mines in Africa.- WIKILEAQKS.ORG REPUBLIQUE CENTRAFTICAINE NOTE TECHNIQUE SUR L’EXPLOITAION D’URANDIUM DE BAKAOUMA I – Contexte général I – Contexte général I – General Context
The Bakouma uranium deposit has long been known to
AREVA teams, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
Was the origin of its discovery in the 1960s. AREVA
Resources Centrafrique is located near Bakouma, where
The exploration and development of deposits
Of uranium.
II – Framework for action and partners in the implementation
Intervention Framework
AREVA, formerly UraMin Centrafrique SA (UMCSA), a subsidiary
UraMin Inc (UraMin), has signed a contract with the Government of
Central African Republic (CAR) in 2006 for a 90% interest in
A prospecting concession for a zone containing uranium,
Near the town of Bakouma, in the district of Mbomou, in the CAR.
Implementing partners
Those are
: Ministry of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics
Ministry of Finance and Budget
; Department of Commerce
; la France
Expected products in X
One (01) major product is registered in the Bakouma Project and concerns
The uranium deposit of Bakouma is mined.
IV – Planned Steps and Implementation Process
The activities of the exploitation project focus on
: (I)
Evaluation of mining and processing methods in
The opening of two open-pit mines, Patricia and Pato, which will be
Then used for the operation of the entire Bakouma Project
And (ii) the creation of a tailings pile of approximately 265
000 tonnes.
V – Activities and next steps
I) Activities carried out –

Geotechnical studies / slope stability studies
To determine the stability of the facing of the mine to
open sky

Determination of the quality of uranium ore

The determination of the treatment method with a small
Treatment plant

The determination of the firing parameters required in
Open pit mining;

The determination of the dewatering system to be
In order to determine the flows of water
Underground mine in the open pit, with the implications

Implementation of environmental and social impact assessment.
Next steps
The zone of the license of AREVA Centrafrique in the region of Bakouma
Includes several uranium deposits located in the vicinity of
other. It is currently envisaged that the beginning of
Will take place in the following locations

On the Patricia deposit (for operational testing)
Mining), located northwest of the Bakouma mine camp.
The open-pit mine, with a volume of 132
500 m
Will cover a
Surface of 16
470 m²; It will reach a maximum depth
Of 20 m

On the Pato deposit (extraction of uranium ore for
Treatment), which is located south of the mine camp. The pit
With a volume of about 6
125 m3 and will cover an area
200 m²; It will reach a maximum depth of 8.6 m.

Information and awareness-raising for all players in the sector
Public, private and civil society organizations to promote
Bakouma uranium mining;

Animation and monitoring of public-private dialogue for the
Development of the partnership for the mobilization of
Resources for the implementation of the selected actions.
VI – Suggestions and recommendations
Ministry of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics
Rue de l’Industrie – B.P. 26 – Bangui – Central African Republic
: +236 21 61 39 44 Fax
: +236 21 61 06 46

To ask AREVA Ressources Centrafrique to transmit to the State by the
Through the Department of Mines, the last report containing the data
Scientific and technical knowledge on the exploration and development of
Uranium ore from Bakouma, in accordance with the provisions of
Article 105 of Decree No. 09.126 of 30 April 2009 laying down the conditions
Of application of the Law n ° 09.005 of 29 April 2009 bearing Mining uranium threat, Nuclear Costs South Africa,Uranium concentrate,community

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